Life is up in the Air. Almost 60 and laid off from my job. Difficult to find another one! Trying to be positive but it's hard. Living one day at a time.
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    I shall call you flappy. I shall call you flappy!

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    Sherlock and John: through the seasons.

    i’ve already reblogged that but i just noticed that… sherlock looks more and more broken with every season, he looks more human, because john made him human and a hero and it’s because of john that he can feel the pain and the joy and everything he put away from himself to “protect” himself. john broke those inner barriers, john got through him, john’s found him and saved him from himself, and if you think that it isn’t love or that it’s one-sided you’re so wrong

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    Cumberbum’s Manips Angel Benedict - Requested by Quintobatchh


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  • From Sherlock: A Study in Pink

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    The Desolation of Smaug Countdown: 12 days

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    So one of our barn cats LOVES visiting with the horses.

    this makes me ridiculously happy

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